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Obba Paschal

Hello , i'm an Engineer, i write code and i'm all for Jesus 👑 and Manutd ⚽️⚽️. I'm passionate about Math, Javascript 🔥, Linux etc. and i put down my thoughts here.

The billion user table - A Review

The web currently works in silos. Every platform operates as an autonomous system. So every organization, for example, Google, has its database of users...


Write better Vue JS code

Architecture might not matter at the start of a project, but the ease at which components can be added or removed without breaking stuff shows how well the codebase was structured...


Understand Master-Slave Relationships using the Election Algorithm

While building distributed systems, Transparency is a very important factor. The Engineer has to consider Access transparency, Concurrency transparency, Location transparency, Replication transparency etc...


Handling Pagination with Vue JS and Pouch DB

When the responses from a server come after just one request, and we have to paginate on the front end, its easier to handle. This is because we have all the data...


Handling Ever Increasing Server Logs

I thought the game of thrones would be the most stressful thing i came across this week, but searching through logs, handling errors can be very tedious, and knowing what exactly is happening on your server is keen to finding solutions. So let's find out how we can handle...


Understand Logic and Boolean Algebra with De Morgan's law and Truth tables

With De Morgan's law and truth tables, we will be able to simplify logical expressions and models, find possibilities and even bugs. These processes help us organize, ...


How to Convert a Vue JS SPA to a mobile app

Given the limited time and know how developers have to ship mobile applications, hybrid applications helped in making things easier. Frameworks such as ionic, which was built on apache cordova, help us build mobile apps with HTML,CSS and JS...